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Our Interview: SUCESSZORZ!

2007-09-17 23:56:51 by oDarkghosto

After A ... full 3 days of working on it.. The Flash finished.. and is at 3 point average.. not bad... ^_^
w0000, thanks for those 3 people that've added us as your favorites .... <3 to all of ya'll cept the dudes.. you just get appreciation... yeah.. we're stingy... oh and just to prove I have a life... I sleep too...

Our Interview: SUCESSZORZ!

Welcome To DarkE's Animation Guy /Song Poster's page

2007-09-14 19:23:25 by oDarkghosto

For most of you Audio Portal guys.. you listen to our songs, and some of you dislike them because they have some other beat... We do not do this this for commercial purposes... we do it for fun... and There are far more remixes of songs... so.. do not put us down...

Also, I am the animation guy... don't complain to me... X_X; Talk to DalenEX...

But if your the nice people around here, welcome and dip yourself a lil deeper into my world ^_^

Adventures of Team DarkE

2007-09-14 17:02:06 by oDarkghosto

It's up.. It's running.. I've started it.. ATDE ^_^
You didn't ask for it.. but I'm being generous... heres a screeny!
It... is.. teh pimpage..

Adventures of Team DarkE

I'm working on my madness tribute right nows.. .it owns your anus...
want a preview? here ya go...

My page is very plain right now...